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We want to be your most valued thought partner helping you to capture the clarity and release the potential within your organization. We provide top-quality consulting with expert facilitation in support of individuals, communities, churches, school districts organizations, and systems in the following areas:







  • CULTURAL DIVERSITY TRAINING will improve cultural competence throughout your organization. When human beings experience cultural incompetence, it may be due to subconscious beliefs and can be void of malicious intent. Uncovering subconscious influences upon behavior will aid with increased productivity and a positive work environment.  In these current times, it is imperative that we understand, accept and even embrace diversity.  Not being culturally competent is much too great of a risk.

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING FACILITATION will help clarify actionable steps to bring the vision and mission of the company to fruition.  The development of an implementation path with stakeholder input will ensure a realistic and time-sensitive strategic plan focused on short-term and long-term goals to increase productivity. Problem-solving around possible barriers and needed resources solidify a proactive approach to goal attainment.

  • TEAM BUILDING will increase genuine connections within the organization causing the work environment to be more supportive. Identifying platforms to address toxic stress, limited effectiveness and conflict resolution will enable team members to move through challenges with minimal impact to productivity, aiding the team in moving from their current state to the desired state.

  • REACH PURPOSE WORKSHOP is an energetic and fun-filled experience that will empower participants to tap into their potential through interactive processes focused on uncovering and clarifying their purpose and goals.  Reaching purpose takes determined effort and a mind opened to new paradigms. Determining purpose and goals will lead to the development of a road map to reach purpose.  Through values clarification, talent/skill identification, action step development , intentionality and problem-solving participants will develop a Purpose Attainment Plan; a concrete visual of next steps to release their full potential. ​

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKING is a service that is multifaceted, grounded in the areas of expertise of Reach Consulting & Facilitation, LLC.  Setting the tone for the need for change and development, aligned with the theme of the event, through inspiration and motivation is the key.  Through the keynote address participants are energized to learn and to improve.  An inspiring and optimistic send off into the future with a highly positive view for success is the goal.


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