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Dr. Ella

Dr. Ella is the founder and CEO of Reach Consulting & Facilitation, LLC.  Before devoting her work fulltime to Reach Consulting & Facilitation, Dr. Thompson worked as Executive Area Director for the Minority Achievement Office in the 8th largest school district in the USA where she helped develop and co-facilitate Culturally Responsive Schools and Culturally Responsive Instruction training for district administrators, district departments,  school administrators and teachers. She also provided culturally responsive content for beginning teacher induction, curriculum resources and professional learning design team support. 


Her mantra continued to be “We are not calling anyone racist in this training, we are looking at missteps that, more than likely, were not intentional nor malicious.”  


Dr. Thompson values faith, family, learning, authentic connections and equity. Believing that the world and the systems within it can improve and prosper to the benefit of all its citizens is what gets her up every morning.  She believes that as humans we have the capacity to improve and learn and develop into authentic individuals who can treat one another with respect regardless of differences.


Dr. Ella M. Thompson assists individuals, school districts, churches, communities, organizations and systems traverse the minefields of miscommunication, microaggressions and stereotypical beliefs that hinder productivity.  Through her company she offers trainings that improves cross-cultural communication, goal attainment and productive relationships.  Through these training processes Dr. Ella facilitates improved cultural competency, conflict resolution and team building to establish genuine connections across diverse populations in order to increase productivity.

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We help participants push through the necessary discomfort in order to arrive at new levels of cultural competence.

Dr. Ella Thompson

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